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Is Email Marketing Dead? No, It’s Not. But Everyone Knows That It’s Dying.

So Instead Of Waiting For It To Die Completely & Take Our Profits With It…

…We Invented A Better Way.


A Simple Realization About What Is Happening With The Smartphone Industry Opened Our Eyes To A Brand New Way Of Building Trust & Loyalty With Our Customers.

If You’ve Been In Internet Marketing For A While, You Know It’s Getting Much Harder To “Break Through” And Stay Afloat, Let Alone Thrive!

Consumers today have lots of options. Business owners struggle to be first to get the sale.

Marketers are drowning their lists in dozens of email promos. As a result, they’ve seen open rates drop off the cliff!

Does this image remind you of your email campaigns?

If you’re like most online marketers… It sure does.

Competition is constantly trying to steal the attention of your buyers. That’s because 99% of businesses are not “breaking through” correctly, as you will see in a moment…

To capture demand, you need to reach people where they like to be reached. In today’s world, that place happens to be their cell phone.

In 2019 and beyond, the worth of a business will be determined by how much attention it’s able to generate.

Luckily, there is a new solution that helps you instantly grab & keep the attention of ANYONE. This solution lets you do this better & faster than anyone else.

And it CRUSHES email marketing on deliverability & open rates, as well as time to response.

This groundbreaking technology is being used by hot startups, large enterprise, and everyone in between like smart mom & pop shops, consultants and coaches, and others.

Entire million-dollar businesses have been built off the back of this newly emerging technology:

Fully Automated SMS Marketing!

You’re About To Re-Discover A Familiar Way Of Generating Sales, Building Trust And Creating Loyal Buyers. In Fact, You’re Probably Holding It In Your Hands Right Now!

SMS (Short Message Service) is more popular today than ever before. In 2018, Apple announced their TENTH model iPhone.

The smartphone revolution began in 2011 and it gave people access to unlimited information. Very quickly, companies like Apple have gained an enormous cult-like following.

Over the last 7 years, smartphones have become 1,024 times faster.

This has been a truly remarkable development. Somehow, it happened right under our noses – because marketers are only now starting to adapt to these changes!

So, why now?

Because cycles of innovation as large as smartphones take exactly 7 years to occur. We are now at the cusp of 100% cell phone adoption, which means you are tuning in at the perfect moment.

Now that the “smartphone revolution” has arrived, people are spending more time scrolling through their phones (and less time in front of their computer).

But Don’t Take My Word For It!


The Share Of Americans That Own Smartphones Is Now 77%, Up From Just 35% In 2011.

That’s Roughly 3 Out Of 4.

Is It Any Surprise That Businesses Are Now Rushing To Get In On SMS Marketing?

From this chart, you can see that 95% of people today own a cellphone. That’s nearly everyone! Even if you don’t have a smartphone, the vast majority of people can (and do) send and receive SMS text messages daily.

And that’s exactly what you need to be doing! Because unlike email, SMS has a ridiculously high open rate & response rate (under 3 minutes). When people get a text message, they check it right away.

Email gets ignored while SMS gets instant attention!

The amount of profits to be made from SMS text messages is ridiculous. And yet no one is doing it yet! But don’t worry, they will be.

BY THE WAY… As smartphones evolved, so did email spam filters. Even if you send emails to your paying customers, they can still be sent to Spam! UGH

This is hurting your business, because it prevents you from reaching many of your customers.

Guess what technology isn’t yet filtered?

That’s right. Text messages!

The Tipping Point In Mobile Marketing Is Here! Finally, Cell Phones Are At Nearly 100% Adoption.

But Why Does This Matter?

Because The Same Thing That Happened To Email In The 90s Is Now Happening With SMS. And If You Snooze… You’ll Lose!

A few years ago, text messages were reserved for your friends & family only. Just like email in the 90s!

But now, it’s a different world out there.

Today, people use text messages for:

Thanks to SMSBot, now you can do all of the above, and then some.

It used to be the case that texting was reserved for friends & family only, but that’s not the case any longer…




"World's 1st SMS Bot & Autoresponder"

  • Build massive lists of laser-targeted buyers on autopilot
  • Upload existing lists and put them through robust SMS campaigns
  • Create intelligent bots that carry on conversations with people even while you sleep
  • SMSBot will collect users’ information every step of the way (email, location, age, etc.)
  • You can manually take over conversations that your bot initiates, so you’re always in control
  • Export function lets you transfer your leads into any other software you like
  • Included – Training, money making Blueprints and Exclusive Bonuses

It’s Like Having Your Own 24/7 Virtual Salesperson Who Never Complains, Gets Sick, Goes On Vacation, Asks For A Raise Or Leaves To Go Work For Someone Else!

While Your Competitors Struggle To Figure Out Email Marketing, You Could Be First In Line To Get Text Messages Directly Into Your Buyers’ Sms Inbox, Where They Will Get Opened, Read & Acted On:

SMSBOT Is The Only SMS Marketing “Copy-Paste” System That ANYONE Can Duplicate & Get The Same And Even Better Results.

With The Help Of Our Simple To Follow Method, You Can Create A Job Replacing Income Stream That Doesn't Require Experience, A Big Budget Or A Lot Of Time.

Step 1 - Capture

Use our special opt-in forms to capture your visitor contact number from anywhere or have them message you directly!

Step 2 - Follow Up & Nurture

SMSBOT takes over and talks and nurture your visitor with smart SMS follow ups. You can schedule your messages to go in future and build smart FLOWS that convert to sales.

Step 3 - Count The Profits

Let SMSBOT do all the hard work while you count the profits. Rinse and repeat. Take 100% control of your marketing.

Here’s An Overview Of The Software And The Video Training Modules Inside!

SMSBot is a fully automated web-based app that lets you leverage SMS marketing to make easy sales.

You can upload your lists, and/or capture fresh new phone numbers by adding an opt-in form anywhere.

Then, SMSBot manages your campaigns, including scheduled blasts, reports, and follow-ups.



Getting up and running takes 90 seconds. All you need is to register, sign in & follow the instructions to start receiving and sending text messages inside SMSBot.


Create Your LOGIC Bot

Just like you would set up an autoresponder, or a social media bot… You would do the same for your SMS bot logic. When people opt in, you’ll be able to collect additional information (location, email, age, etc.)


Copy-Paste The Mobile Widget

Once your bot is set up, you’re ready to start capturing leads! Just copy and paste our snippet and you’ll be live. Publish to your website or blog, or direct-link to it from emails, social media or PPC.


Simple Traffic

There are 2 ways to opt in. People can either text a KEYWORD to your phone number (which you will have already set up), or they can enter their number inside a form that will trigger a text message confirmation.

You can try it now by texting “TRY” to 555-555-5555 and see how it works! Or, click here to opt-in via web form and receive the same experience.


Scaling Your Campaigns

Once your traffic has generated an ROI, we’ll show you how to scale your campaign & maximize your ROI.


The Free Traffic Hack

No money for traffic? There is a solution for that. You can start capturing hundreds of mobile numbers with no money down!


Maximize Profits With Intelligent Retargeting

After you’ve scaled your campaigns, there is one more thing you can do to boost your profits: add retargeting! This works like gangbusters with landing pages that ask for a phone number.

Sounds Hard? It’s Not!

Each step is covered by an in-depth video training module. This gives you an over-the-shoulder view of exactly how the system runs & how to set it up for massive profits.


The Following Businesses Can Expect To See An Immediate Impact On Sales With The Automated SMSBOT:

  • Online Marketing

    Use SMSBot just as you would use an email autoresponder.

  • Offline Marketing

    Use SMSBot to maintain ongoing conversations with prospects & buyers

  • Consulting & Coaching

    Use SMSBot to be truly consultative by making sure your clients get reminders & make it on time to their meetings

  • Ecom Stores

    Use SMSBot to instantly generate sales upon release of new products

  • Retail Stores

    Use SMSBot to create your own Rewards program and retain shoppers

  • Restaurants

    Use SMSBot to send out chef’s specials, limited-time coupons & promos

  • Cafes

    Use SMSBot to capture patron information in exchange for the Wi-Fi password

  • Bar & Clubs

    Use SMSBot to host raffles, announce Karaoke nights, special guests and more

  • Independent Artists

    Use SMSBot to announce new drops/releases & crowdfunding campaigns

  • Nonprofit Organizations

    Use SMSBot to solicit donors

  • Bloggers & YouTubers

    Use SMSBot to stay in touch with your readers

  • Social Media Celebs

    Use SMSBot to connect with fans without revealing your real phone

  • Realtors

    Uuse SMSBot to generate hot appointments

  • Doctors

    Use SMSBot to send patient reminders about upcoming visits and bills due

  • Attorneys

    Use SMSBot to answer website visitors’ questions and ultimately find new clients

As you can see, with a little creativity, just about everyone can tap into the power of automated SMS marketing.

With ‘texting’ now being an acceptable means of doing business… Your options are endless!

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Get 25 proven blueprints that elicit guaranteed 90%+ engagement. Just copy-paste our templates into SMSBot and your leads will do the rest of the work for you (i.e., answer all the questions you need to be able to sell them whatever offer you have available).

(Value: $97)

After this launch, standard edition of SMSBot will allow you to store up to 1,000 numbers only. If you want more, then you will have to upgrade. But during this launch, we are going 10x. Right now, you will get the ability to store up to 10,000 numbers for the price of 1,000!

(Value: $197)

LIVE TRAINING webinar with the creators of SMSBOT. He will walk you through how the app works, show you best practices & troubleshoot any issues you may be experiencing during a real-time Q&A session.

Here's EXACTLY Why This Is Different From All The Other Methods And Softwares:

There Is A LOT Of Money To Be Made With Texting, If You Have The Platform That Lets You Do It At Scale.

With Our DFY Software & Blueprints + Training, It’s A Piece Of Cake.

Why Am I Able To Say Such A Bold Statement?

Because It Works For Me, My Partners & My Users.

"We’re All Making Money As We Speak, And I'm No Big Guru, I'm Just An Average Guy Who Figured Some Stuff Out."

Now that’s a bold promise right there.

But we are so confident that it works, and we are using it ourselves.

We don’t have ANYTHING to hide.

We’re All Making Money With SMS, And We’re No Gurus. Now That We’ve Cracked The Code, We Invite You To Join The Smartphone Revolution NOW!

SMSBot will automatically engage people in conversation, collect additional information as you see fit (email, location, age, etc.), and store this information.

You can use SMSBot to run special announcements, promos, discount offers, and much more! If you wanted to, you could even resell SMSBot services to offline businesses & charge money for giving them the power of SMS marketing!

Why Is Now The Best Time?

Because with 3 out of 4 adults owning smartphone, and with 95% of all people having a cell phone… The moment is ripe, and the opportunity is yours for the taking!

What’s Going To Happen If I Wait?

If you wait too long, it will be a matter of months before your competitors beat you to it. This is not some silly scarcity tactic, this is reality. Take action now, set it up once & profit from it forever!

  • 3 years ago, people would not take kindly to business messages in their SMS inbox…
  • 2 years ago, social media bots became all the hype & people began warming up to texting for business...
  • 1 year ago, people finally got used to “loyalty programs” and reminders from their doctors office, Amazon deliveries, bank deposit notifications…

And finally today, the floodgates of B2C marketing are wide open!

We are confident that SMSBot will work for you because we and our beta testers have used this app for about a year now. We don’t have ANYTHING to hide.

We’re based in Dallas TX and we look forward to providing you with world class customer support.

So if you’re still on the fence, take a look at what these early adopters have shared with us after trying SMSBot:

I Want You To Understand WHY You Need This And WHY It Can Change Your Life.

  • Anyone can do this and get fantastic results because there is NO COMPETITION doing this
  • Texting is an easy way to make money if you know what you're doing, and highly targeted, risk free paid traffic is the way to do so.
  • Get started with a budget of only $5 and you're set or even try out free traffic alternatives
  • No technical skills required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible
  • Unlimited potential, some people are making mid six figures with it on the SIDE... No kidding!
  • Very scalable and easily scalable and invest more only after you earn.

This Entire Package Is Created With ONE Goal In Mind.

To Get You Paid AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, Even Within Hours.

To be honest the realistic price I should put on this course should be over $297 annually, especially with the unadvertised bonuses *hint hint*.

"But let's be honest, I CAN'T do that"

However, I was where you are right now at some point or another and without someone reaching a helping hand out to me; I would never have been able to achieve such success.

Therefore, I am going to make this software very accessible, so that you can get your hands on it.

Instead of pricing this software at $297 that I planned, I am going to hold the price to a ridiculously low amount so that as many of you can get it as possible...

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Let's be honest, everyone is selling these “affordable” courses and Softwares are what’s “HOT” now.

Yes, we can charge more, and yes we should charge more because this method is UNLIKE any other method out there.

But we won't.

Because the more people we will get to buy this during launch time, the more customers we will have to do business with in the future.

But we will make small increases, and then we will increase it like CRAZY when the launch will be over. MARK MY WORDS, it WILL increase.

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Whether it’s our top notch support, whether it’s the product itself or the delivery of the product.

We CANNOT guarantee results, we CANNOT guarantee anything will happen. We can just share our own results and how it absolutely changed our businesses & our lives. However, we CAN guarantee that we did our BEST to make this software as effective as possible.

That being said, if you apply what you get inside SMSBot, set up your software & go through our training in the first 30 days and it does not work for you, our support team will do its best to communicate with you. If all fails, we will give you 200% your money back.

Results Are NOT Typical, But...

Listen, every sales page hides their “fine print” somewhere so that you won’t notice it, and then play that card in your communications with them.

Not us, nah-ah.

I just want to get it out of my chest and say it as it is. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and our results are NOT typical.

We cannot guarantee you will even get any results.

HOWEVER, what we can guarantee is that we did our best to make SMSBOT so damn good so that you will have the biggest chance of getting results.

And we sure as hell hope you will get BETTER results than we did.

We want to help people therefore we want SERIOUS ACTION TAKERS.

We want fighters that will fight until the will become rich.

These are the type of people we will help.

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You’ve seen the proof. You know the product works. There’s never been a better time to get into the Smartphone Revolution, with 95% of all people finally owning cell phones!

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